• Congratulations Philipp!
    Philipp Gramlich has successfully defended his dissertation on "Generalized modeling on discrete patch systems".

  • The second research meeting in 2017 took place at Waldschlösschen near Göttingen.
    This time the meeting was impacted by three special guests:
    Sonia Kefi and Virginia Dominguez from BioDICée Lab in Montpellier and Korinna Allhoff, former member of the research unit, now located in Tübingen.
    Besides interesting scientific talks and discussions of further reasearch and collaboration, networking and experience exchange of the female researchers was on the schedule.
    Thanks to our guests for the inspiring time we had!
    The next meeting will be in March 2018 and feature again exciting guests, so stay tuned.
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  • The research unit met for a short 2 days workshop in Rückersbach, near Aschaffenburg. Each research group gave a talk about the current status of the projects. Besides productive work, we had delicious food and relaxing walks. The next research unit meeting will be in the well-known Waldschlösschen in September. Special guests will be Sonia Kefi and Korinna Allhoff.

  • First meeting of the PhD students in 2017. Besides interesting talks from old and new members of the research unit, there was a lot of discussion. One highlight was a guide through the iDiv labs. It was refreshing to see a different aspect of ecology, but most research unit students admitted that they are happier working in front of a computer.

  • The second research unit meeting in 2016 takes place in "Waldschlösschen" near Göttingen. The workshop started with a "scientific speed dating", to bring new and old members of the reseach unit into discussions. A talk from our special guest Juliano Sarmento Cabral complemented the first day. The following days were used for productive discusisons and finding future collaborations.

  • The junior researchers gathered in Darmstadt for a three day workshop. The programme consisted of short talks, project portraits and lots of discussions. Besides work there was enough time to socialize and try local ice cream specials. The next junior researcher meeting will take place in Leipzig in the beginning of 2017.

  • Welcome to Johanna a new PhD student from Leipzig!

  • Research Unit Workshop - The research group meets in Rückersbach near Aschaffenburg for a three-day workshop. A "scientific speed dating" opens the workshop and leads to further discussions on recent results and  projects.
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  • Sebastian Plitzko has successfully defended his PhD thesis, congratulations! More information can be found here: http://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/5382/
    Abstract. The dynamical behavior and stability of ecosystems, respectively the in this work discussed subgroup food webs, are typically influenced by effects, which can sustainably change those. To gain a better understanding of the reaction of the whole system, this work investigates the dependance on species diversity and the stability of the population in regard to for instance willingness to migrate, total number of species and hunting behavior...

  • The junior researchers meet for the first time in 2016 for a three-day workshop in Darmstadt.